FAQ Employees

Why is everything on the Shiftly website in Dutch?

We're working on creating a bilingual website. However this takes a bit of time. The app is already available in English so that's the most important as it's the app that you will be using when working through Shiftly. If you have any questions about the content on the website feel free to contact us at support@shiflty.nl. 

I've accepted a shift but cannot work anymore, what do I do?

Applied and then accepted by the employer? Then you have a work appointment! You can no longer cancel this appointment.

You can only unsubscribe with a well-founded reason (check the terms of use Article 12 for well-founded reasons). Call the employer and mail to support@shiftly.nl with your first and last name, the name of the employer, the date and times of the shift and the reason why you cannot work. We will contact you after this.

We are working hard on a possibility to exchange with other Shifters via the app, we expect this function soon. Until then we have a Shiftly group-app to get in touch with other Shifters. If you are not alreasy in this Whatsapp-group,  you can send an email to support@shiftly.nl and we will add you tot this group.

Exchanging is only possible with the permission of the client.

I am ill and cannot work, what do I do?

How unfortunate ☹ first of all: get well soon!

Call the employer and send an email Shiftly!

Make sure to call the employer as soon as you know that you are not capable of working the shift. Make sure to do this before 9:30 (or a minimum of an hour before the beginning time of your shift). Also send an email to Shiftly at support@shiftly.nl

The employer is not accepting my calls, what now?

Make sure to have called at least 3 times as it's an urgent case and try the general number of the company. If they do not pick up then state this in your email to Shiftly (support@shiftly.nl).

When do I get paid?

You always get your salary within 14 days.

Make sure to verify your hours directly after your shift by asking the supervisor on-site to put in their pincode. Only when those hours have been verified are we able to pay-out your salary.

An employer has asked me to work directly for them instead of for Shiftly, can I?

It's not possible to work directly for a Shiftly-employer that you have worked for through Shiftly.

However, we are very excited that the employer is so enthusiastic about employing you directly. Even though you cannot accept it right away please send an email to support@shiftly.nl or call +31627054196, then we can discuss possibilities of making it happen.

I already have a job, can I also work for Shiftly?

Of course, we're happy to have you on board!

At Shiftly you work on a 0-hour contract. That's why you have a flexible schedule and can combine it with any other job you already have. Just check if you have 'loonheffing' turned on for the other employer. What's 'loonheffing'? Check below.

What is 'loonheffingskorting'?

Loonheffingskorting is a tax discount in the Netherlands which makes it possible to pay less initial tax over your earnings. This is can only be applied at one employer. You're only working through Shiftly? Then turn on your loonheffingskorting. You have another job? We advise you to turn loonheffingskorting on for the job you expect to earn most in. Be aware: if loonheffingskorting is turned off, the initial tax of around 35% is directly deducted from your salary. Depending on your income category you can get it back when you file your yearly tax return.

I want to adjust my loonheffingskorting, how can I do that?

Send an email to support@shiftly.nl. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

It is only possible to adjust your loonheffingskorting on a quarterly basis, therefore starting January 1st, April 1st, July 1st or October 1st. 

What's E-uur?

E-uur is a tool that enables us to create a contract with you and to manage your hours. You can find your contract there. 

What is Pay-rules?

Pay-rules is a payroll company that acts your legal employer. You work for Shiftly but Pay-Rules makes sure that the entire process is legal. The payments are also processed through Pay-Rules and are being sent to your email address.

I want to deregister from Shiftly, how do I do that?

What a pity! ☹ You can of course keep your Shiftly account next to your new job! Don't you want this? Then we thank you for your efforts and wish you every success in your future career.

 Simply send us an email to support@shiftly.nl with your first and last name, date of birth and reason why you'd like to deregister. Also inform us as of when you want to be inactive. Our doors are of course always open for your return.

You have other questions that have not been answered here?
Send an email to support@shiftly.nl or call 0654658591. We will get back to you as soon as possible.